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About us

Welcome to GRAND RODEO, where we’ve got something special for everyone – whether you’re a vendor, a shop owner, or someone from our neighbourhood. Our spot, GRAND RODEO, is nicely set on the Chandigarh Manali Highway, a road that’s super busy and draws lots of people because it’s one of the most bustling roads in North India.

We started GRAND RODEO with a big idea: buildings aren’t just regular structures; they’re places where people can feel good, get inspired, and have a better life. We believe in making the community better and taking care of the environment. That’s why, we create buildings with people in mind. We figure out smart ways to use space and land so everyone can benefit.

Think of GRAND RODEO as a super cool place near Chandigarh, made by the best property makers in Mohali. It’s like a treasure trove of fun things to do – from playing around to doing business – a one-stop solution.

Our top-notch commercial place for sale in KURALI has something for everyone. There are modern shops, fancy stores, a yummy food court, cafes, and spots for kids to have a blast. It’s like a whole world of fun and business in one place!

GRAND RODEO covers around 10 acres, which is huge. It’s close to Chandigarh, where there’s always a lot happening, like people going about their day and lots of business stuff going on. So, it’s the perfect place to invest in


Discover the exceptional allure of Tricity’s Premier Mega Commercial Project, the remarkable “Grand Rodeo.” Here’s why choosing us ensures an unparalleled and captivating experience for all:

  1. Unrivaled Shopping Extravaganza: Discover a diverse collection of top-tier brands and boutiques, perfect for retail therapy.
  2. Culinary Delights Await: Indulge in a gourmet journey at our meticulously curated Premium Food Court.
  3. Endless Fun for Everyone: A hub of entertainment and activities catering to all ages and interests.
  4. Prime Location, Easy Access: Strategically situated, ensuring convenient accessibility for residents and visitors.
  5. Double Height Showrooms: Elevate your business presence with distinctive double-height showrooms, making an impactful statement.
  6. Drive-Thrus: Seamless accessibility with convenient drive-throughs, enhancing customer convenience and business efficiency.
  7. Top Brands: A platform for renowned brands to thrive, offering a dynamic marketplace within our vibrant township.
  8. Food Courts: Delight in diverse culinary experiences at our enticing food courts, catering to a wide array of tastes.
  9. Near Chandigarh: Strategically located in proximity to Chandigarh, GRAND RODEO benefits from its vibrant atmosphere and thriving business activities.
  10. Ample Parking Space: Hassle-free visits ensured with generous parking facilities, prioritizing visitor convenience and accessibility.
Grand rodeo- Satellite view